At Vejon Health, we want to improve the resilience and quality of life of current and future generations by improving the understanding and management of complex diseases. We take a unique approach to medical research, and focus on identifying the primary cause of diseases such as COVID-19 and long Covid.

MISSION – To improve the understanding and management of complex diseases.

VISION – To be a leader in innovative medical research.  

STRATEGY – Using the latest research technology to identify the primary pathophysiology associated with diseases.

The Vejon Health Group of Companies comprises health and media businesses and projects:

Dementia Crowd Research Project
McMillan Research Ltd
Vibrocise Ltd

The focus is on medical research to find innovative solutions for a selection of common diseases as well as strategies to manage them. Vejon Media is a social media business focused on raising the profile of health-related companies. Vejon Conferences bring experts together to share information on research, strategies and products related to the understanding and management of diseases. 

Dementia Crowd Research

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McMillan Research

McMillan Research (2)


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Research Incubator

Early stage research is underway on Type ll diabetes, macular degeneration and obesity. As this work progresses, these diseases may become the focus of new health projects.


Vejon Media – Social Media for Medical Professionals

We apply our expertise in medicine and communications to help medical professionals to build and enhance their reputation. The transition towards an online economy calls for stronger social media presence and brand awareness. Audience expansion and improved engagement are key drivers of business success, and the best possible results can be achieved with the right campaign developed by the right team.