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A Unique Approach to Understanding Disease

At McMillan Research, we take a unique approach to medical research, applying the fundamentals of physiology and pathology to understand disease.
Through detailed research on COVID-19, a theory of autoimmunity to angiotensin-converting enzyme II (“ACE-2”) was formulated in April 2020, and has gradually gained credence.
Dr McMillan has collaborated with experts to publish scientific papers in May 2020, explaining the concept of autoimmunity in COVID-19, and March 2021, proposing a more detailed and comprehensive explanation of the symptoms associated with COVID-19.
The aim of the COVID-19 research project is to advance our understanding of immune dysregulation in COVID-19. This is the primary cause of lung damage which can lead to death. The outcome of the research project has the potential to change the course of the pandemic.

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McMillan Research

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We thank everyone who contributed to our  ‘Humming Heroes’ Kickstarter. Your support resulted in a unique educational resource and reinforces the value of protecting health.

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Explore complex topics and integrate multiple disciplines for a 360 degree understanding of COVID-19. Improved understanding increases confidence and reduces anxiety.

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