McMillan Research (2)

At McMillan Research, we take a unique approach to medical research, applying the fundamentals of physiology and pathology to understand disease.

Through detailed research on COVID-19, a theory of autoimmunity to angiotensin-converting enzyme II (“ACE-2”) was formulated in April 2020, and has gradually gained credence.

Dr McMillan has collaborated with experts to publish scientific papers in May 2020, explaining the concept of autoimmunity in COVID-19, and March 2021, proposing a more detailed and comprehensive explanation of the symptoms associated with COVID-19.

The aim of the COVID-19 research project is to advance our understanding of immune dysregulation in COVID-19. This is the primary cause of lung damage which can lead to death. The outcome of the research project has the potential to change the course of the pandemic.

Vrais Héros Foundation

McMillan Research is collaborating with Vrais Héros Foundation to raise funds for medical research. Vrais Héros Foundation provides a community care programme in support of COVID-19 first responders.